Digital Signage

Digital Signage Services

Whether you are thinking of investing in a single screen for your small business or a network of screens across your store or chain, we will take care of each step and make all the arrangements for a cost-effective and professional project installation.

Digital Signage is the evolution of the traditional media vehicle for advertising, product promotion, and information display. The medium provides retailers and other businesses complete and centralized control of on-premise information presented through digital displays like plasma/LCD/DLP/LED screens, projectors, and kiosks.  Updated instantly through digital signage software, these displays will show rich media content, such as images, flash videos, live television and data feeds.

Digital signage implementations are growing at a rapid pace across Canada.  The United States and Europe have already embraced the medium for many years and the results have been very positive.

From small & medium businesses to large corporations, the installation of digital signage technology is scalable, customizable and optimized for a specific application.

Digital Signage

Benefits for your business

Return on Investment (ROI) is a key measure of any successful initiative.  As a business owner and decision maker, it is important to look at the multiple benefits that Digital Signage will bring to your daily operations.

The financial benefits are sales increases, cost reductions & streamlining, and revenue generation.  More intangible benefits are increased efficiency in employee training and improvements in both consumers’ shopping experience & store atmosphere.

  • Increase in sales
  • Revenue generated from advertising and promotions
  • Reduced costs of advertising and media production
  • Increase Efficiency in Operations Management
  • Enhance Buying Experience and Store Atmosphere
  • Influence customers purchasing decisions
  • Real-time content customization