A key element of a more secure world wide web

A key element of a more secure world wide web
June 12, 2017 Christos

A key element of a more secure world wide web

The concept of https for securing websites first gained global prominence when Google decided to make it a search ranking factor. The number of people applying for https certification increased drastically in one blow. No doubt, using https over http has numerous advantages.

But before that, what is https?

Https is the same thing as http, except that the communication in this case is encrypted using SSL or Secured Socket Layer. Encryption is done using the concept of public and private keys. When one server sends some data over the internet, it is locked or encypted. This encryption can only be removed by any other server holding the corresponding key. In this way, even if someone is able to get hold of the data being transferred, he won’t be able to anything with it. This helps in securing websites from malware and phishing attacks.

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Advantages of securing website with https

It drastically increases security levels while reducing man-in-the-middle attacks. Some of the benefits of taking up https are:

a. Data encryption: This is, no doubt, the biggest positive for the concept. Encryption helps a lot with securing website. Under the http system, data being transferred can not only be intercepted and read but also modified. All of this can happen without the receiver knowing anything at all about it. In case of https, this risk gets reduced and it works to discourage hackers and phishers.

b. Source authentication: In case of https, one can be assured that the data has been received from a particular source. This is because the data is encrypted using the source’s key.

c. Reputation: Having an https certified website makes people understand that you take security seriously. This has a huge impact on how much they can trust you.

Is https the answer to all of the internet’s security problems?

No. Https may be able to secure communication between two sources. However, anyone can get a https certification. Hence, the sources themselves may be deceptive. For example, a fraudster may try to communicate with you and get hold of your passwords. In this case, this communication will be encrypted i.e. it will not be visible to any third party. However, you are still vulnerable to the fraudster’s crooked ways.

Hence, along with using https for securing website (s), one must be wary of shady websites and deceptive messages. Here are a few tips you can follow to increase your security:

a. Never click on links you are not sure about: The link may look harmless. At times, they are even showcased as something important. For example: A link in a message which says your Paypal account has malfunctioned. However, be alert and do not click on them. Clicking on the link may download content which is malicious in nature and can have dangerous repercussions.

b. Anti Virus software and Firewall: Always try and use a genuine Anti Virus software and keep your firewall on. It will automatically stop any suspicious activity once it tries to penetrate private space.

c. Spread the word: The more the number of people who take up https, the more secure our web will be. Hence, apart from implementing the same in your own website, you can talk about it on forums and discussion boards. You can even post about them in your own blog or request your favorite websites to be a part of the effort.

d. Install SSL: Get in touch with Mexxus Multimedia to purchase and install SSL on your website. Our team will handle all the technicalities for you.